The course will be generally unchanged from last year with a few possible re-routes due to new trail construction and some discussions with the forest service.

Last year’s course looked something like this:

GPX files:
Crazy 88 Full Loop
First loop only
Turn by Turn Waypoint GPX File

Cue Sheets:

For the so inclined, here’s a preview, click through to download the kmz file off google maps to use in your own version of google earth (so you can make it all spinny and 3d-esque and such).

View Larger Map

And finally, a nice little elevation profile, about 10,000 feet of climbing, yee haw!


It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a GPS for this course if you’re not familiar with the trails. The course will be marked, but minimally. So familiarize yourself with the general jist of it, bring a cue sheet, and find a buddy if you don’t have a GPS.