Jul 14 2010

Crazy88 Weekend – Come out and Ride

As (hopefully) everyone knows, the Crazy 88 is currently postponed, and I’ve had a lot of questions about what’s going through my head about what that ultimately means. Well, for the actual Crazy 88, I’m still not sure. But…….

I’ve had a lot of enthusiasm from everyone who was planning on doing the 88 this year to still do a ride the weekend of August 7th. I’ve been putting some thought into it, and although we’re not going to do a full-blown race, I’ve got some ideas for a ride put together.

Since this is relatively last-minute, this isn’t going to be any sort of official event. I’m going camping and I’m gonna ride my bike on August 7th. I suggest you come out and do so with me and whomever shows up. I’ve got some ideas for a a couple loops which will be a TON of fun, and on trails that many of you have probably never done before.

Will it be 88 miles? Probably not.
Will it be epic? Most likely.
Will there be beer and food? You bet your ass.

If you’re interested in coming camping and riding with me, email me at nathan (at) handlebarsandwich (dot) com and I’ll give you the camping location that I’ll be at that weekend and any additional details that you may need to meet up for some camping, some beer, and some damn fun riding. Lets make it happen.

p.s. For those of you who weren’t up for the full 88, I’ll have a shorter route laid out as well, so don’t think just because you weren’t up for the full epic you should find anther option.