Schultz Fire Update: Hold the Phones

Well, I think we all suspected it was coming at some point or another, but I finally got the email today and it sounds like several of the trails we were going to use on the east side of the peaks are going to be closed for a very long time, putting a huge thorn in the side of the 88.

Here’s the email I got from the forest service today. I have responded that I would like to discuss the possibility of utilizing some of the trails and road on the east side of the peaks as well as re-routing the beginning of the second loop around the bottom of elden to access the AZT. We will see if the time crunch is getting a bit close or if that’s a possibility.

Hello, Nathan. I have to inform you that the Crazy 88 race as presently configured won’t be able to occur this year. The Schultz Fire, as you probably are aware of, has led to a fire closure area that encompasses the whole eastern side of the Peaks. Plus, Much of that area will be closed to the public until at least the end of the monsoon season in September. Portions of it might be closed for a longer time. for example, the Waterline Road probably will be closed to public use (and maybe to the City of Flagstaff water department) for a very long time, because of the threat of fallen/falling trees and rocks. The fire burned all the way uo to the very top of Schultz Peak on the east side, and much the same for Doyle Peak, exposing the Waterline Road to continual falling debris for maybe years to come. The hope is to be able to reopen Lockett Meadow in time for the fall color season, after the monsoons are over. The same goes for the portion of FR 418 that is now closed from 552 to the 419 junction. The amount of rehabilitation that can be accomplished by the BAER (Burn Area Emergency Response) Team now currently working in the Schultz Fire area will have a big impact of how the situation develops in the near (as well as the long range) future. Please give me a call if you want to discuss this further. Thanks

If we don’t work something out, I’ll get everyone’s registration fees back to them who have already paid. If we can work out a new course, I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info.

3 Responses to “Schultz Fire Update: Hold the Phones”

  • mark g Says:

    I knew it was soon to be announced, still a downer now that it’s official………let’s get a flag posse put together and go on over to the signal peak challenge in silver city nm

  • Matt K. Says:

    Any inclination if 88 will go? I know a reroute is no small feat, particularly on this timescale. Just trying to make family, travel, and work plans jive.
    Regardless of whether it goes or not let us know the preferred trail builders/advocates of the area who are best placed to put some donations to work on those trails.

  • Nathan Says:

    Matt – I just posted something up. I know a lot of people have set aside that weekend, so I want to still do an epic fun ride and do some camping with everyone who’s interested as well. I’ll shoot you an email with some details, but I’ve got something fun in mind. Definitely worth keeping it open.