Schultz Fire

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, the schultz fire which is burning right now is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the crazy 88 course. My current plan is to hang tight for the next week and see where the fire crews are at and make a call to the forest service at that point to see if they have any sort of inkling on how the permit was looking before this whole debacle erupted.

We’ve already got sponsors committed and at least 20-30 people committed to the race. Plans are in motion, and I would like to still have the event, even if it means some venue/course changes. I have some contingency ideas for courses that would generally avoid the area that the fire is in, but we will have to wait and see what transpires and what trails are still in existence after this whole thing gets contained.

I encourage everyone to leave the weekend open and plan on riding up here. The options run the range from minor course modifications to complete venue changes. Fear not, though, no matter what happens, I’m gonna put together some epic riding up here. We’ve got plenty of trails to go around. I’ll keep everyone posted as we move forward.

3 Responses to “Schultz Fire”

  • Jason Says:

    I’m still training and I’m still riding – your race has helped me get through the summers down here in the Valley. do what ya gotta do, if its on the bike and fun and in Flag I’m in. My deepest sympathies to all the Flag riders for how this is affecting you all.

  • maadjurguer Says:

    I’m still in for a party where a bike ride breaks out…. wherever that may be.

  • ScottN Says:

    Yep. Me too.