Permit Application and Payment Buttons

The first round submission for the forest service permit application is in. 5 pages of details surrounding the race plan and 3 pages of maps are finished and submitted. The forest service has been very responsive so far, so I am hopeful that the permit process will go fairly smoothly.

In light of the good initial reaction from the forest service, and the other pieces starting to fall into place, I’ve decided on a $25 fee for the race. After crunching the numbers this should be enough to cover permits, insurance, food, and some other assorted goodies I have in mind. I’ve added a paypal ‘pay now’ button to the registration page if you want to pay that way. I will also take a check or cash in hand if you would prefer it. Instructions for both are on the registration page as well.

The details are coming together, and it’s getting exciting.

2 Responses to “Permit Application and Payment Buttons”

  • troy Says:

    Was going to pull the trigger and sign-up for the race today… but then the shultz fire ignited yesterday… I am going to sit tight for now but if this still happens then count me in. T

  • Nathan Says:

    I hear ya. I’m hoping that this won’t have too much of an effect on the race, but I’m giving it a couple weeks to settle down before I pull the trigger on any hard and fast plans.

    I’m sure it’ll be part of the response from the forest service when considering my permit and such.